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SFgoth Facebook Page

The people running it are different, but we are in regular communication and staying consistent between us.


SF Goth AIDS Walk page

See photos of AIDS walks past, get info on upcoming AIDS walk, buy merchandise, donate, etc.


Noc Noc (Dive bar), 557 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117



Wicked Grounds (no longer a cafe but a resource for kink community still)



Dark Garden, 321 Linden St. San Francisco, CA 94102

The gold standard in corsetry made here in SF (off the peg , semi-custom and fully custom).  Also couture, hats and accessories

Ceiba, 1364 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

Clothing/accessories: Cyber/tribal/futuristic/alternative/dark


Toxic Thrilz, 1458 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

Clothing/accessories: Club/rave/festival/PVC


Piedmont Boutique, 1452 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

Clothing/accessories/"costumes" - Go here if you like to mix neon/dayglo with your black or for net gloves

Amoeba Music, 1855 Haight St. San Francisco, CA 94117

If you still buy music on physical media, you must go here

Five and Diamond, Sadly online only now (moved to Portland)

Clothing/accessories/jewelry: Goth/steampunk/tribal/Burning Man

Paxton Gate, 824 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110

Oddities, curiosities, plants, taxidermy


Pirate Supply Store, 826 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110

Nonprofit/educational pirate supply shop (no, really!)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, 1746 Post St. 2F, San Francisco, CA 94115

Gothic lolita shop at New People mall ( in Japantown


Leather Etc, 1201 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Leather clothing/kink accessories


Mr. S Leather, 385 8th St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Fetish/leather clothing/accessories/toys

Punk Majesty SWAG (*Store Within A Gallery*), 50A Bannam Place (North Beach), San Francisco, CA 94133

Clothing and Accessories. Punk/ Goth/ Cyber/ Dark/ Custom One-of-a-kind items & Affordable Streetwear. Open Saturdays and by appointment 7 days a week. Eco-Conscious anti-fast fashion.  "Follow PunkMajestySF on IG for their events." 

Eyescream Jewelry

Gothic jewelry; often vends at Death Guild & other SF goth clubs


Couture Costumes & Corsetry

Corsetry & costumes

Brisbane, CA

Microblack "It's all black, sexy, and avant garde...runs on the pricey end, though, fyi. Also only partially wheelchair-accessible, but the employees are helpful."  *closed (temporarily we hope)

The Menagerie Oddities Market "San Francisco Bay Area’s Official Oddities & Curiosities Market hosted by local artists featuring vendors selling strangely unique, handmade wares. Come join us in all things odd!" Alameda

Bay Area DJ's and Clubs on Twitch (only those who spin at actual live club nights)

Death Guild, Interzone (only during event), DJ Melting Girl, DJ Starr Noir, DJ Keyz, DJ Chat Noir,  DJ Bit, DJ Miz Margo, Zlaya DJDJ Carnierobber

Places of final rest and ruins


Mission Dolores Cemetery

Oldest building in SF, oldest cemetary

(The military cemetary in the Presidio is the only other one in the city limits)


San Francisco Columbarium & Funeral Home

Four floors of urns with memorials, free & open to the public


Mountain View Cemetary in Oakland


Pet Cemetary in the Presidio

Colma Cemetaries

Cypress Lawn

Woodlawn Memorial Park

Japanese Cemetery

Pets Eternal Rest

(many more; it's a city of the dead)


Ruins of Sutro Baths at Land's End near the Cliff House

San Francisco goths love these ruins. Don't all goths love ruins? :)


Other items of interest

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, CA The largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the Western U.S. Visitors can go inside an underground replica of an ancient Egyptian rock-cut tomb, decorated with scenes from the Book of the Dead. There is also the largest alchemy museum in the world, here.

Dia de los Muertos

Long-running yearly procession held a few days after Halloween *please be sensitive to the fact that this is a significant Mexican cultural event and appreciate without appropriating.


San Francisco Ghosts Tours


San Francisco Ghost Hunt

San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour


Vampire Tour of San Francisco


Haunted SF: Ghosts, Murder and Mystery


Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA

last updated 4/28/2024

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