Death Guild at DNA Lounge, Mondays.  Is the longest continuously running weekly Goth Club in the world.

Club Interzone at F8 on Folsom every Tuesday. Darkwave, electronic, dance.

PlayXland at Cat Club, Wednesdays. A new BDSM club.


1984 at Cat Club every Thursday. 80's focused. Back room is underground 80s, goth, industrial, synth-pop, and more in music and video.​​

Nightshift at Cat Club on Second Fridays.  Synth, Darkwave, Post Goth, Industrial, and more…

Dancing Ghosts at Cat Club on every third Friday. SF's Darkwave Dance Party since 2007. Darkwave, Post-Punk,  Industrial, 80s, Deathrock.

Post Mortem at the Rumpus Room every second Friday. *Moving to 3rd Saturdays starting October 15th.  *Moving to Armando's Dec 17th.  Classic and current post punk and death rock.

Total Eclipse at the Rumpus Room every third Friday. Underground 80's New Wave, Post-Punk, Synthpop, and Goth.

Faith + Pornography (front room during Terra Nova) at Cat Club fourth Fridays. Decadent dark dance in the form of goth, post-punk, industrial, dark 80s, synth, deathrock, EBM, and more, from the cobweb classics to the new black. 

The Hanging Garden at Cat Club every 5th Friday.  Classic goth, new wave and synth pop dance party.


Club Gossip at Cat Club every second Saturday and special events. Synthpop, Goth and Electro in the front room & 80's Video Classics in the back.

Dark Shadows at Cat Club (irregular)​​

Club Rhythm Zone, DNA Lounge (irregular). Old school industrial, old school EBM, new beat, Euro beat, classic Euro synth, agreppo, Euro acid house.

Turbodrive, DNA Lounge (irregular). Synthwave, retrowave, outrun, darksynth, cyberpunk, electro.

Batcave SF, at the Knockout (irregular). Deathrock, Goth, Post-Punk & Cumbia


Mod Disco at Radio Bar (Oakland) on first Fridays. Spinning 80s Alternative dance, new wave, synth pop, freestyle

Danse Macabre at Toot's Tavern (Crockett) on First Fridays. Spinning Goth, Darkwave, Post Punk, and Deathrock music for your dancing enjoyment, along with local artists vending.

Alameda Bats Night at the Fireside Lounge on fourth Fridays.  An eclectic collection of dark music for all tastes.  

Rellik Goth Night at the Rellik Tavern (Benicia) on fourth Fridays, Irregular. Free goth night

Dive Bar Confessional at Radio Bar (Oakland) on first Saturdays. Darkwave, post punk, dark electro, synth

Death Guild (East Bay) Saturdays at *still not back*

Requiem at  *?* (currently online only) Goth, Post-punk, Deathrock, New Romantic.


Shrine at the Caravan Lounge every second Thursday. Goth night, 21+. 


The Box at the Blue Lagoon (Santa Cruz) every Sunday night. Two rooms of Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, 80s, EBM, Noise.  21+


Club Coven at Old Ironsides every fourth Friday. Goth,  Dark Electro,  Dark Wave, EBM, Industrial 21+ 


New Wave Society at the Starlet Room at Harlow's. Second Saturdays. Classic hits of the 80's, New Wave. 

Club Necromancy at Midtown Barfly every third Saturday. Goth, Industrial,  EBM, Dark Electro, SynthPop, New Wave *still virtual post covid*

Club Séance, Midtown Barfly, Sacramento (monthly, 4th Saturdays; since 2015) *still virtual post covid*


Absolution at in Club Absolution at On th Y, every Sunday. A new Dark Wave - Post punk - Dark Electro - Goth Evening of old classics to the present. 

Are we missing something?  Educate us!

last updated 10/2/2022